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Nate Guernsey


Nate Guernsey


F-TR, Palma rifle (fullbore)

Nate Guernsey, Palma / F-TR rifle shooter

Nate Guernsey is known as one of the top Palma / F-TR shooters in the U.S. He has shot competitively for numerous years, and has over the years taken part in major international fullbore matches as part of the U.S. team with quite a few medals to prove it. He was chosen as one of the shooters on the 2019 U.S. Palma Team, and his goal is to make the 2023 team, too. Nate’s favorite Lapua products are the .308Win, .308 Palma, and .223Rem cases.

Competition highlights

2020 300 Meter Nationals Gold
2019 US Palma Team
2019 New Zealand National Championship Bronze and Queens Final Winner
2018 Americas Match and Canada Match Team Gold
2018 New Zealand Nationals Championship Bronze
2017 East Coast Fullbore Team Champion Coach
2015 US Palma Team