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Lapua’s Chris Simmons Places at Back-to-Back Matches

Chris Simmons of Team Lapua has brought home back-to-back 2nd place finishes at the Accuracy International Long Range Classic and the Yeti Spring Fling.

The 9th annual Accuracy International Long Range Classic was held at the prestigious ALTUS Shooting Solutions in Baker, FL. The two-day precision rifle competition featured 16 different stages, testing each shooter in distance, movement, barricades and more. Simmons scored a 125 to secure his second place finish and was the stage winner of the 14th stage sponsored by Foundation Stocks.

Following his win, Simmons commented, “The Accuracy International Long Range Classic was a very fun and challenging match testing a vast array of marksmanship skills. We shot traditional position-style stages, unknown distance stages, even a simulated boat stage. My rifle chambered in 6mm BR using Lapua brass, Berger Hybrid Target bullets, and propelled by Vihtavuori powder, shot consistently all weekend long.”

The 2024 Yeti Spring Fling NRL 22X match featured 10 stages with shooters engaging targets from 25 to 300 yards. Held in Somerset, KY on April 13th over 100 competitors battled it out in switchy winds, with Simmons securing another 2nd place finish and the Fastest Wabbit Trophy.

Simmons’ Lapua Act-X .22LR ammunition was matched to his rifle at Lapua’s Rimfire Performance Center. Unique lots of ammunition are tested at 50 and 100 meters simultaneously, identifying the best performing ammunition for purchase. This service is available to any shooter who wishes to gain a competitive advantage. If you are located in the US, schedule your testing at either of Lapua’s Rimfire Performance Centers located in Mesa, AZ, or Marengo, OH. For European customers, check out your nearest testing service here.