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Precision projectiles
to fit your passion

Lapua bullets come with extreme accuracy

Lapua bullets are known for their extreme accuracy and superior ballistic designs. Lapua’s selection offers top-notch match bullets for any demanding competitive shooter: the world famous Scenar and Scenar-L projectiles as well as variations of the Full Metal Jacket FMJ bullet all of which are optimized for their intended use For hunters, we have two specialized bullets, the lead-free NATURALIS and the soft point MEGA. From Olympic Gold to World Championships or local matches, to the mountains and woods, whatever your shooting pursuit, there is a LAPUA bullet perfectly tailored for it.

Lapua bullets and projectiles for all applications

Lapua has been manufacturing high-end bullets for a long time and for a multitude of applications. Lapua bullet development is ongoing and methodical. Drawing on our own experience, R&D, and listening carefully to reloaders and their feedback, we continually work to perfect our product offerings for every type of shooting discipline. The D46, which we developed way back in the 1930s, is still one of the best industrial full metal jacket projectiles. While development has focused on Lock Base and Hollow Point bullets that withstand high pressures, Lapua´s accuracy has just kept improving. We have also introduced the Scenar-L, the ultimate rifle match projectile, as well as the third generation lead-free Naturalis® hunting bullet selection. Our Scenar match bullet represents the very high end of its class amongst long range bullets: it has achieved the 600/600 World Record in the 300 meter centerfire rifle prone event at the World Championships of the international sport shooting federation (ISSF). This result was made possible by Lapua’s consistent quality that starts with the raw materials of the bullet. Our bullets are practically handmade.

Continuous development of all projectile types for different shooting disciplines

The development of our bullet range continues all the time in steady steps, drawing from experience and with a keen ear for the reloaders´ needs. For marksmen, this development means exceedingly good cartridges and components for all kinds of target shooting disciplines such as long range, ELR, benchrest, practical shooting, and more. For hunters, it translates as safe and precise results in that instant when it is needed. And for us, it means more stories about gold medals, trophies and records.