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Contests and Giveaways


Lapua contests (eg. giveaways) hosted on Lapua social platforms and/or via other digital platforms are solely created and hosted by Lapua. Facebook / Meta nor other social platform providers do not participate in any way in contests hosted by Lapua. No personal information of contestants is shared with third parties with the exception of postal service providers in case of prizes having to be shipped to the winners of contests. Please read our Privacy Policy for more information on how we handle personal information.

In Lapua’s giveaways on social and other digital platforms, the winners are randomly drawn using random number generators. Lapua withholds the right to redraw new winners, if winners do not reply to Lapua within set giveaway rules (usually within three days of the winning announcement unless other is mentioned). Lapua does not take responsibility for nor compensate prizes lost in the mail. Lapua cannot deliver packages to the following countries / continents due to uncertain mail delivery: Africa; India; Pakistan; Russia; Asia (with the exception of Japan); Oceania (with the exception of Australia and New Zealand); The Middle East; Russia; Ukraine; Belarus; South America; North America (with the exception of Canada and United States).

Lapua Club giveaway survey rules 2022