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.22 lr cartridges for the best, by the best

Whatever your competitive shooting discipline, you’ll find the perfect offering from our selection of .22 LR rimfire cartridges. Serious rimfire competitors use the best firearm and ammunition available to them. Lapua continues to deliver exceptional performance for all kinds of competitive rimfire shooting disciplines like ISSF 3-position rifle, PRS, long range, rimfire benchrest, biathlon, rapid fire pistol and 60-shot prone .22 LR competitions.

Lapua manufactures rimfire cartridges with utmost care and precision to make sure our ammunition quality is always top notch, for every batch of ammo. Each .22 lr cartridge is checked individually, and we test all lots thoroughly on ballistic values as well as gas pressure and grouping. We release our ammunition for distribution only if all test shooting results are within our strict tolerance levels. At current, Lapua offers the following .22lr rounds: Long Range, Super Long Range, X-Act, Midas+, Center-X, Polar Biathlon, Pistol OSP and Pistol King.

The Lapua rimfire test centers are a partner for shooters from around the world. Our customers include numerous international top shooters and world champions. Read more about our .22 rimfire ammunition testing here!

Continue to feed your competition firearm platforms the ammunition that has no equal. Find your passion with Lapua .22 LR rimfire ammunition.

Throughout the years, Lapua rimfire ammunition has been the steady forerunner and the number one choice of the best shooters at countless Olympics, World Championships and other major shooting events. At the 2023 Biathlon World Championships, 9/10 medals in all events were taken with Lapua ammo. In the past Winter Olympics, more than 95 % of all individual biathlon medals were won with Lapua!

Lapua biathlon succes
At the last Winter Olympics, more than 95 % of all biathlon medals were won with Lapua.
Lapua biathlon success World Champs
At the 2023 Biathlon World Championships, 9/10 medals in all events were taken with Lapua ammo.

Rimfire test shooting locations:

Lapua Rimfire Test Range, Schönebeck, Germany

+49 3928 729 100
or +49 173 76 77 632

Nammo Schönebeck GmbH
Wilhelm-Dümling-Straße 12
DE-39210 Schönebeck (Elbe), Germany

Lapua Rimfire Performance Center West in Mesa, Arizona, USA

Ryan Sponauer
Phone: 480-898-2731

Lapua Rimfire Performance Center
4051 N. Higley Road
Mesa, AZ 85215

Lapua Rimfire Performance Center East in Marengo, Ohio, USA

Shane Barnhart
Phone: 480-695-0744

Lapua Rimfire Performance Center
616 State Route 61, Units 3-9
Marengo, OH 43334

Lapua Test Center, Lapua, Finland

Olli Punkari,
Phone: +358 40 737 4955
Kustaa Tiituntie 1
62100 Lapua, Finland

Lapua Test Lab, Konnevesi, Finland

Veijo Sivula,
Phone: +358 45 677 0599
Voipiovuorentie 50
44300 Konnevesi, Finland