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Lapua’s 6mm GT case – perfect for practical precision rifle reloading

New for the autumn of 2024, Lapua will offer a superior choice for competitive shooters with Lapua 6mm GT cartridge cases. Experience unparalleled consistency, quality, and durability with Lapua’s 6mm GT as you pursue excellence in the world of practical precision rifle sports.

The incredible growth witnessed in PRS, NRL, and similar competitive shooting disciplines the past 10 years has heralded the development of high performance, short-action cartridges like the 6mm GT. The GT provides flawless feeding from bolt-action, magazine feed platforms when utilizing the latest high ballistic coefficient 6mm projectiles. Its ultra-efficient cartridge provides low recoil impulse for easy target acquisition and offers excellent precision and velocity consistency.

The Lapua 6mm GT difference: We provide superior cartridge geometry that is based on the original 6.5×47 Lapua parent case. This maximizes longevity and optimizes case capacity for the competitive shooter.

6mm GT case

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6 mm (.243)

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6mm GT