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.243 Winchester brass – a true reloading legend

The .243 Winchester is the legendary mild recoil caliber for today’s small game hunting. The .243 Winchester case has all the premium reloading qualities of Lapua’s unrivaled .308 Winchester brass. With a light bullet load, the .243 Win. brass case works like a charm for long distance varmint and bird hunting. For deer hunting, the optimal choice of bullet weight for .243 Win. loads  is 100 – 105 grains.

Lapua’s .243 Winchester case takes the Large Rifle Primer (LRP). It is available in the new cardboard 100 pcs Lapua brass box. The brand new case box has been designed to keep Lapua brass in pristine condition during shipping, ensuring that your reloading experience is on the best level.

.243 Winchester case

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.243 Win.


6 mm (.243)

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Large Rifle Primer (LRP)


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