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The .308 Winchester case – one of Lapua’s flagship reloading cases

The Lapua .308 Win. case has made Lapua brass quality world renowned. The Lapua .308 Winchester brass continues to be the standard to which all other cases in this popular rifle caliber are compared. The main advantage of our .308 Win. brass is the premium consistency and quality, and it is suitable for all kinds of hunting, tactical and target long range rifle shooting applications. Lapua’s .308 Win. is a must for any reloading competitive rifle shooter, no matter which shooting discipline they prefer.

Lapua’s .308 Win case has the Large Rifle Primer pocket. It is available in the new cardboard 100 pcs Lapua brass box. The brand new case box has been designed to keep Lapua brass in pristine condition during shipping, ensuring that your reloading experience is on the best level.

.308 Winchester case

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.308 Win.


7.62 mm (.308)

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Large Rifle Primer (LRP)


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