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Introducing the 300 WSM case – for enhanced performance

Over the last 20 years the firearms industry has seen a rise in the popularity of rifle cartridges designed to equal or exceed the performance of the traditional belted magnums but without some of the limitations of cartridge overall length. Among the multitude of new cartridges, one of the most successful of these has been the 300 Winchester Short Magnum (WSM). The 300 WSM provides many competitive features and advantages over legacy belted magnum cartridges, delivering energy equal to the 300 Win Mag and conveniently integrated into a short action rifle design. These features include enhanced rigidity, a shorter bolt throw, a compact powder column, and reduction in weight – all attributes which enhance performance during the hunt or on the firing line.

Available in spring of 2024, Lapua introduces 300 WSM cartridge cases, finally providing a superior quality case component for its loyal followers. Lapua cartridge cases are known to exceed the quality and longevity of all others offered on the market – our customers’ words, not ours. Lapua uses only the highest quality materials and manufacturing processes to satisfy the demands of long-range shooters who seek the highest levels of precision from their 300 WSM firearm platforms. The .300 WSM case takes the large rifle primer.

.300 WSM case

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7.62 mm (.308)

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4 PH 7080C


Large Rifle Primer (LRP)


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300 WSM