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Lapua introduces new extremely accurate G580 .30 cal 6,5 g / 100 gr Open Tip bullet

Lapua is proud to offer a new Open Tip (OT) bullet for target sports and hunting practice: introducing the extremely accurate ‘G580’ .30 cal 6,5 g / 100 gr Open Tip projectile.

This bullet is perfect for various Nordic target shooting disciplines such as Running Moose, Moose Biathlon, and Scandinavian Silhouette-type shooting like JaktFelt. The G580 has been designed without a cutting edge to better suit electronic targets, which are becoming more and more popular.

In the development work and design of this projectile, Lapua set out to challenge old ideas and rethink technological solutions. The bullet shape and core have been redesigned. Although the external dimensions of the G580 bullet are the same as the existing Lapua G477 Cutting Edge bullet, the new jacket substantially increases structural rigidity.

The lead core has been improved in quality and structural development, and its shape has been redesigned. With this, we have been able to optimize the pressure point of the bullet better and more precisely.

The finishing touch to the bullet has been added with a renewed tip shape, which no longer has a cutting edge. With this, bullet BC is consistent, and the tolerances of the bullet tip dimensions are minimized. The bullet is still easy to load, incredibly light and easy to shoot, and its impact offers something completely new for the target shooting market. The .30 cal G580 6,5 g / 100 gr Open Tip bullet is available in the summer of 2024.


6,5 g / 100 gr Open Tip G580

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Product no.

4 PL/HL 7225


7.62 mm (.308)


Open Tip

Bullet Code


Bullet diameter

7.83 mm (.308'')

Bullet type

Open Tip

Bullet weight

6.5 g (100 gr)


Hunting, Target