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Lapua Blog: competition nerves

For some of us, the trickiest part in competition is reading the wind or picking the perfect ammo lot. For others, it’s the mental part. And yes, almost all of us have to deal with competition jitters at some point or another – the nerves kick in, you lose your focus or make a mistake that really makes it hard to continue. So how is it for the top shooters? Here’s what some of the European Lapua athletes had to say!

 “To handle your nerves when shooting competitively starts with training. If the training is on the right track you just have to repeat it in the competition. It sounds easy but it’s the hardest thing to do; to reach perfection in the trainings to get self-confident for the competition.”  Peter Sidi, Hungary

“I breathe slowly and try to forget the people who are around me… And don’t forget, shooting is just a game.” – Marie Fayolle, France

“Just concentrating to my own competition and let others do whatever they do. Shooting lot of competitions helps me to train my focus. I do also some mental training.” – Teemu Rintala, Finland

 “I don’t have a specific technic to manage my nerves. I just try to deal with it. In training, I also practice with a mental coach.” – Cyril Graff, France

“I try to keep focus regardless of how the competition is going. Focus on the technical aspects usually works for me. When technique is good it’s easier to have confidence.” – Steffen Olsen, Denmark

“I keep focus by putting things in perspective and by thinking about my son. I also try to stay in the present moment with slow breathing.” – Laurence ‘Lolo’ Brize, France

“I practice a lot, and I think that’s what makes my self-confidence high. I tend to be nervous during competitions but I handle my nerves by having a lot of trust in my abilities.” – Istvan Peni, Hungary