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Lapua launches a new digital tool for hunters – the Lapua Hunt app is available now in English!

Lapua Hunt is the new digital tool for hunters respecting the game as well as appreciating accuracy and safety. The app uses the same ballistics calculator and Lapua product data as the Lapua Ballistics app. Add your own rifle and reticle, select the best ammo and game category, and you are ready to enjoy hunting success from boars to bears!

In the basic calculator view, you can determine the wind speed and direction (red needle in the circle), the shooting angle and the distance. In addition to these, you can manually add weather information in the additional view, i.e. temperature, air pressure and relative humidity.

The Lapua Hunt app also features many paid additional features, such as the map view and the possibility to set up your own hunting team.

Upgrade your hunting experience and download Lapua Hunt app! Available now in Google Play and Apple App Store!

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