Passion for Precision

Cutting Edge


Lapua Cutting Edge – the first choice bullet for short ranges

An open tip bullet capable of incredible accuracy, the Cutting Edge leaves an easy to score hole in your target, thanks to its innovative design. When you are looking for the best short range target bullet for paper-punching, the choice is the Lapua .30 caliber G477 6.5 g/100gr Cutting Edge OT. The Cutting Edge bullet is also suitable for varmint hunting and pest control.

Bullet data

Caliber Prod. no. Bullet diameter Product code Weight Type Bullet name Ballistic coefficient BC G1 Ballistic coefficient BC G7
mm in g grs
6.5 mm (.264) 4 PL/HL 6015 6.71 .264 S496 6.5 100 FMJCE Cutting Edge FMJ 0.250
.30 4 PL/HL 7224 7.83 .308 G477 6.5 100 OTCE Cutting Edge OT 0.170