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Frequently Asked Questions – Lapua FAQ

On this page we have gathered some of the most frequently asked questions regarding our ammunition and other products, including questions related to Lapua Ballistics App. Is your question not here? Send it to us via the Lapua feedback form.

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Q: Where can I find velocity & trajectory tables on Lapua products?
A: All our factory-loaded ammunition as well as bullets and cases are listed on our web site. For cartridges, go to page All calibers and scroll down to pick your caliber. On each individual caliber page there is a velocity & trajectory table. For cases and bullets, go to page Cases and bullets under Reloading components, and scroll down to pick a bullet by type or case by caliber size. For all components in size order, go to page Lapua components list.

Q: What is the accepted weight/length tolerance for Lapua bullets?
A: The tolerances are defined individually for each product, but we do not publish specific information on weight/length tolerances. Lapua products and production methods are continuously developed, pushing the tolerances even tighter. If you ever suspect there is an issue with a product, contact the retailer from where you purchased the product for advice.

Q: How long can cartridges be stored and still be usable?
A: Generally, Lapua products have been designed to be usable for several years. The condition of cartridges strongly depends on the storage conditions. In good conditions, about 10-15 degrees Celcius, and in normal humidity the cartridge can be used for at least 5 years.

Q: Is it possible to get the “factory-load” loading data that Lapua uses for specific ammunition?
A: Unfortunately we do not disclose information on our factory loads.

Q: Will you be launching product XXX (insert your choice of desired product here)?
A: We are constantly developing new products, all of which will be revealed and presented in due time. We never disclose information on products before they are ready for the market, but not to worry! When they are launched, we will let you know!

Q: How can I find a local retailer of Lapua products?
A: Please check with the distributor in your country for a dealer near you. You can find all our global distributors online.  

Q: I need information about the Polar Biathlon ammunition. How has it been tested and how much does it cost for our national team?
A: The technical data about Polar Biathlon can be found in the Sport Shooting section in these pages. The features are optimized for cold weather conditions. Lapua has a cold chamber to test the cartridges in extreme weather. The prices are available from our distributors, which can be found under the Distributors page.

Q: Is the Polar Biathlon designed for cold conditions only, or is it accurate also in warmer conditions?
A: The features of Polar Biathlon have been optimized for best possible performance in cold conditions. However, this does not prevent usage in warmer conditions. In warm conditions the Polar Biathlon has a higher muzzle velocity and the result depends on the compatibility of the rifle and cartridge. This can be checked only by test shooting. The Polar Biathlon has been successful in competitions also in warm conditions.

Q: I suspect there may be something wrong with a Lapua product I bought. What should I do?
A: If you feel there is something wrong in the product you just purchased, please contact the retailer from where you bought the product as soon as possible and place the claim to them including samples of the product and lot number. The retailer will send the claim to the importer who in turn then forwards it to us, the manufacturer.

All claims are studied very carefully and if there is some product mistake / error:

  • we try to learn from it and develop the process to avoid such kind of error in the future
  • replace the product to you with a new product

You will also get the claim study report back through the same channel. This way, all parties in the channel will learn from the claim. This is an important factor for us, as we strive to keep a high quality on every level, also in our distribution channel.

Lapua Ballistics App:

Q: How do I change Unit Values in Lapua Ballistics?

A: There are many ways to change unit values in Lapua Ballistics. These are explained in the Lapua Ballistics User Info (.pdf) on pages 7, 10 and 14.

Q: How do I enter left Twist Rate?
A: Input twist rate with a negative ‘-x.x’ value. For example -9.5.

Q: How do I enter North / South Coriolis Value?
A: Positive value + for North value and negative value – for South value.

Q: How do I turn Lapua Ballistics off?
A: There are several ways to close the application depending on your Operating System (Android, iOS). Check from your device user guide how it’s done with your device.

Q: I cannot find a certain factory-loaded Lapua cartridge in the Lapua Ballistics App. Why?
A: There are a few cartridges that we do not have Doppler radar data on yet, and that is why they cannot be found in the app. The cartridge is be added as soon as we shoot the radar data.
Q: The “Get current weather” feature does not work. What can I do?
A: The automated “get current weather” feature is currently not compatible with some operation systems. The option is to add the weather conditions manually in the same weather screen.
Q: Will you be adding Berger bullets to Lapua Ballistics?
A: Lapua Ballistics is focused solely on Lapua products, so Berger bullets will not be included in Lapua Ballistics. However, you can define custom bullets (such as Berger) manually in Lapua Ballistics.


Q: How can a competitive shooter apply for a sponsorship?
Q: I have a popular YouTube channel / Instagram account / blog / hunting magazine etc. Are you interested in collaboration or advertising?
Q: Our shooting event is looking for sponsors. Are you interested?

A: Please feel free to send your proposal to us via our website feedback form. Note however that advertising in local, area-specific marketing channels is mostly organized locally in cooperation with our distributors.