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Nancy Tompkins

Nancy Tompkins has been competing in Palma (.308 caliber at 800 yards, 900 yards and 1000 yards), Long Range (1000 yards) and Smallbore prone for over four decades, and can be considered one of the best American rifle shooters.  She has won the National Long Range Championships 5 times, the across the course National Highpower Championships , the Metric Smallbore Nationals and the Fullbore Nationals.  She has also been the Wimbledon Cup winner (1993) and a 7-time Leech Cup winner.  She has won both team and individual medals in the World Championships and has been on 8 Palma Teams (as both a shooter and a coach).

In 2019, Nancy Tompkins brought home regional titles at the Diamondback Metric Regional and Western Wildcat .22 rimfire small-bore matches. The Diamondback was held March 16-17th at the Ben Avery Shooting Complex where shooters fought challenging winds at 50 and 100 meters. Tompkins won with a Grand Aggregate score of 2308-102x.

Tompkins was competing with Lapua Center-X ammunition and stated, “The conditions were tricky the past two days, but Lapua’s Center-X ammunition performed amazing and enabled me to come out on top.”

At the Western Wildcat, Tompkins first place was a commanding 6394-526. Nearly 70% of the competitors shot Lapua rimfire ammunition.