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Team Lapua dominates in various disciplines

This is definitely the year of Lapua Team’s Cathy Winstead-Severin (pictured above), as she has racked up win after win this season! In spring, she won the Conard Bernhardt Cup in Pe Ell, WA and the Iron Man Rifle Silhouette in Missoula, MT. Since then, she has also taken four NRA National Silhouette Rifle Championships: Smallbore Standard and Hunting Rifle, matching the two at the Silhouette High Power Rifle Championships. And after that, it was time to excel in Canada at the Canadian NFA National Smallbore Silhouette Championship, which she won. What an amazing lady, congrats Cathy!

Other Team successes include that of Lapua Team’s Matthew Brousseau, who finished 2nd out of 109 in the MPA Precision Rifle Series Match in Omaha, Georgia. Awesome job, Matt! In the picture he is posing with another Team member, Stephen ‘Kid’ Culpepper, who also participated in the match.

Brousseau and Culpepper team Lapua 2017

Stephen didn’t quite finish that high up in the ranks (yet), but then again, he’s been busy succeeding at the U.S. Nationals this summer. Stephen finished an impressive third overall in the NRA Highpower Rifle XTC. Huge congrats to Stephen! Here is his recap of the match:

“This year, the team matches were returned to the beginning of the schedule so they were a good opportunity to both warm up for the individual championships as well as learn about the range at Camp Atterbury, since many of us (including myself) had never been there before. Things started well on the first day with my teammate Hugo Adelson and I winning the 2nd Amendment two man team match. This success carried over to the second day, when the two of us plus Norm Houle and Ron Zerr won the RNDC Trophy four man team match. On the first day of the individual championship, there were a number of really good scores posted and the leader board was full of service rifle competitors. I personally did not have a stellar performance that day but was competitive (I think I was somewhere around 11th or 12th place at that point) and knew that we had not yet shot 600 yards yet, which typically separates the match rifles from the service guns. The second day was ultimately a complete rain-out and the few shots that were fired that day ended up getting thrown out. The third day was HOT and muggy due to all the rain from the previous day. Since we missed an entire day, they made up one of the 600 yard matches that would have normally been fired on day two so it also turned out to be a LONG day. At the end of the third day, I again hadn’t won any of the individual matches but also had been consistent so was in third place going into the last day. On the final day, none of the top competitors faltered so the final order for the Championship did not change so a Bronze podium finish for Team Lapua!”

Stephen Culpepper podium Nationals 2017 Team Lapua