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STL-Cup 2018 in Germany

The STL-Cup 2018 was held in Marienberg in Germany during 27th and 28th of April 2018. The event, hosted by STL Rifles, was sponsored by Lapua.
STL Cup 2018

We provided the factory loaded 6.5×47 Lapua, 139gr Scenar ammunition for use in the “factory” class. In addition to that there was an Open class.

STL Cup 2018

In the Factory class, the shooters had to use one of the STL rifles in caliber 6.5×47 Lapua. Also, the shooters were required to use the factory loaded ammo. After 5 sighting shots the shooters shot 2 rounds of ten shots at a distance of 500 m/yds within a time frame of 30 minutes. The best group (in millimeters) counted in the match, no second rounds were allowed. In the Open class, the competition rules for shooting were the same but the shooters were free to decide which rifle, caliber and ammo they wanted to use.

STL Cup 2018

The results?

Factory Class, top 5:

1. Michael Kauffmann, 25 mm

2. Jens Hellmann, 28 mm

3. Nils Burschik, 33 mm

4. Peter Walden, 37 mm

5. Jan Burkert, 38 mm

Open Class, top 5:

1. Peter Walden, 38 mm

2. Ralf Winter, 39 mm

3. Steffen Bock, 45 mm

4. Michael Schröter, 46 mm

5. Richard Dietz, 48 mm

The results speak for themselves; the Open class rifles, other calibers and reloaded ammo are not nearly as accurate as the factory loaded ammo. Knowing that the shooters that took part are equally talented in both classes, we are pretty pleased with the outcome!

A big thanks for the people at STL Rifles for doing a great job at the match!

STL Cup 2018