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Six Team Lapua members visited Lapua factory

Since it is the 90th anniversary of the Lapua cartridge factory, we decided to invite some of our best shooters for a visit to Finland and Lapua.

The Team members had a busy Tuesday, as their visit to the Lapua factory consisted of not only a factory tour, meeting  with the CEO,  visit to the old cartridge factory museum, but of a trip to the shooting range as well. What would a visit to Lapua be if you did not get a chance to shoot the infamous .338 Lapua Magnum?

Stay tuned for details of the visit – more to come as the actual 90th anniversary day (May 23rd) is closing in!


From left: Josselin Henry (FRA), Peter Sidi (HUN), Kim-Andre Lund (NOR), Kevin Nevius (USA), Charlotte Jakobsen (DEN), Eva Friedel (GER) and Raimo Helasmäki, CEO of Nammo Lapua Oy