Team Lapua shooter Raine Peltokoski has started his practical shooting season with both rifle and pistol very promising. Two matches… and two victories to Raine!

More information: Results 1 and Results 2

Those who are not so familiar with the practical shooting perhaps Raine´s statistic about his training gives some idea what has to be done to reach the world top level. Until the beginning of this year Raine has trained indoors as follows:

6,000 shots with .22 LR rifle
4,000 shots with .22 LR pistol

and outdoors:

3,500 shots with .223 Rem
1,050 shots with 9 mm Luger
200 shots with 12/70 shotgun

…and he definitely confirmed that this season will be a somekind of “quiet” season due his work and civil life actions.

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Raine Peltokoski