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The 9.3 mm Open Tip bullet for hunting practice

The 9.3×62 has traditionally been used only with big game hunting in mind. Requirements have changed with time and today this rifle cartridge needs a bullet that offers a more diverse use of the caliber amongst hunters. Lapua has answered this demand and developed the world’s most accurate Open Tip bullet for this caliber, which extends its use to a diverse set of options from practice shooting to small predator hunting.

The 9.3mm 12.0 g / 185 grain Open Tip bullet is available as a reloading bullet for home loaders, yet we also offer it as a factory-loaded cartridge for anyone for whom accuracy and performance matter when choosing a cartridge. The impact point of resembles that of the Naturalis bullet, making this the ultimate round for hunters training for big game hunts.

12,0 g / 185 gr Open Tip G574

Product no.

4 PL/HL 9018


9.3 mm (.366)


Open Tip

Bullet Code


Bullet diameter

9.30 mm (.366'')

Bullet type

Open Tip

Bullet weight

12.0 g (185 gr)


Hunting, Target