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The new 120 grain Open Tip bullet ideal for hunting practice

The Lapua Open Tip bullets are the first choice for superior accuracy in various rifle competitions. The Open Tip Match (OTM) bullets have shown superb results in mid-range rifle shooting and bench rest shooting.

Lapua Sales Manager, Erkki Seikkula, explains the thought process behind our new 8mm 7,85 g/ 120 grain OT bullet:

“We designed an easy and softly firing bullet that meets Lapua’s strict accuracy requirements. The precision of this bullet offers shooters the opportunity to practice with the same rifle that they hunt with. For avid hunters that enjoy target competitions, the performance of this projectile can really make a difference.”

A notable advantage of the bullet is that the bullet’s point of impact coincides with the Lapua Naturalis hunting projectile, making it ideal for hunting practice.

7,85 g / 120 gr Open Tip G573

Product no.

4 PL/HL 8001


8 mm (.323)


Open Tip

Bullet Code


Bullet diameter

8.20 mm (.323'')

Bullet type

Open Tip

Bullet weight

11.7 g (180 gr)


Hunting, Target