National Championships at Camp Perry, USA

Shawn McKenna, shooting Lapua bullets, Lapua brass, and VihtaVuori powders, won the 2008 National Trophy Individual Rifle Match Winner using the new Lapua .223 caliber, 77 Grain Scenar bullets at the 200, 300, and 600 yard competition. His results are:

Competitor(Comp Num) 

1. McKenna, Shawn (6023)* 

Hometown Fountain Valley, CA

NTI Standing 99 – 3

NTI Sitting 99 – 4

NTI Prone RF 99 – 2

NTI Prone SF 199 – 10

Aggregate 496 – 19

Shawn McKenna

F.I.S.S. Super Shoot in Ohio – Gold for Tony Boyer

Congratulations to Lapua Pro Team member Tony Boyer! At the F.I.S.S. Super Shoot at Kelblys in Ohio, Tony won the 100 yard Aggregate while his wife, Faye took 18th place. Tony was 18th in the 200 yard Aggregate and was the Champion in the Grand Aggregate! Faye Boyer was the H.V. Women’s Champion and the Michelle Sutton 2-Gun Champion at the Super Shoot.

Tony Boyer

Gold and silver with Lapua Rimfire ammo in State Championships

Cliff Keesee won 1st place in the Virginia State IR 50/50 Championship with 21 shooters Sporter Class June 7 at 50 yards using Leupold 6-X scope shooting Lapua Midas+ with score 249-11X.

He also won 2nd Place in the Virginia State IR 50/50 Championship with 18 shooters 10 ½ lb class on June 8 at 50 meters shooting Lapua X-Act, scoring 248-14-X, losing only by 1- X to the winner.

Lapua congratulates Cliff!

Successes by the ISSF World Cup in Rio and Beijing

Christian Reitz (GER), two times Junior European Champion from Granada and Junior World Champion, won with Lapua Midas his first World Cup in Rio / Brazil by the seniors with total result of 785,6 points. Christian is qualified for the shoot of the 25m Rapid Fire Pistol for the German Olympic Team.

Sonja Pfeilschifter (GER), European and World Champion, won with an excellent qualification result of 590 points with the new Lapua X-ACT ammunition the silver medal by the ISSF World Cup in Bejjing / China behind the strong Chinese shooter Li Du.

Lapua 300 m European Cup, Plzeň, Czech Republic


First medal for 6.5×47 Lapua calibre

German Matthias Raiber won the first medal for 6.5×47 Lapua calibre when he finished third in men´s 300 meter prone last week in Plzen. The competition was the first one in the totally five event Lapua European Cup 300 meter competition. The competition was really tight as first four shooters scored 594.

Matthias was very pleased with the performance of the cartridge and told that the heavier bullet gives better results in windy conditions than the lighter one used in 6mm BR calibre. It was also noted that Matthias was not the only one using the 6.5×47 Lapua calibre so we can expect more medals to come.

The arrangements at Plzen were excellent though the shooters had to wear all their clothes due to the very freezing conditions. Hopefully the weather will be warmer in the next Lapua European 300 meter competition which will be shot in Tolmezzo, Italy early June.

Results in webpage

Results in pdf

WCH Östersund 2008 Biathlon


LAPUA congratulates all Biathlon Medalists and Placed

16 Medals for Lapua and SK ammunition by the Biathlon World Championships in Östersund / Sweden

3 Gold, 8 Silver and 5 Bronze medals were shot with Lapua and SK ammunition. Two of the successful athletes were the Norwegian Stars Emil Hegle Svendsen, two Gold medals with Polar Biathlon and Ole Einar Bjoerndalen, one Gold medal with Polar Biathlon. 

More than 80 % of all competitors and teams trusted in Lapua and SK quality.

Biathlon World Cup in Antholz, Italy

Success with Lapua and SK ammunition in Antholz


Norway´s superstar Ole Einar Bjoerndalen scored his 79th Biathlon World Cup victory

7,5km Sprint Women
1th place for Kati Wilhelm (GER) SK Match
3th place for Sandrine Bailley (FRA) Lapua

10km Sprint Men
3th place for Ole Einar Bjoerndalen (NOR) Lapua

10km Pursuit Women
3th place for Tora Berger (NOR) Lapua

12,5km Pursuit Men
1th place for Björn Ferry (SWE) Lapua

12,5km Mass Start Women
2th place for Anna Carin Olofsson (SWE) Lapua
3th place for Kati Wilhelm (GER) SK Match

15km Mass Start Men
1th place for Ole Einar Bjoerndalen (NOR) Lapua
2th place for Björn Ferry (SWE) Lapua

Biathlon World Cup in Hochfilzen


Numerous medals won with Lapua Polar Biathlon and SK Match.

The results of the Biathlon-World-Cup in Hochfilzen from the 7th December to the 9th of December 2007.

Sprint 10 km Men 
2. Place for Ole Einar Bjoerndalen / NOR Polar Biathlon

Sprint 7,5 km Women 
3. Place for Kathi Wilhelm / GER SK Match

Pursuit 12,5 km Men 
1. Place for Ole Einar Bjoerndalen / NOR Polar Biathlon
3. Place for Daniel Graf / GER Polar Biathlon

Pursuit 10,0 km Women 
3. Place for Kathi Wilhelm / GER SK Match

Relay 4 x 7,5 km Men 
1. Place for Norway (all used the Polar Biathlon, exept Halvard Hanevold who used the SK Match)
3. Place for Germany (Graf and Pump used Lapua cartridges)

Relay 4 x 5 km Women 
1. Place for Germany (Glagow, Denkinger and Wilhem used Lapua cartridges)
3. Place for Sweden (all used the Polar Biathlon)

Lapua 300 m European Cup Final, Winterthur, Switzerland

11 medals out of 16 were won by Lapua cartridges

The final of 300 m Lapua Cup was held in Winterthur 20th to 23rd September. 

The competion was a great success for Lapua shooters. Out of the total 16 medals 11 were won by Lapua cartridges. 

Top of the top was the men´s Standard Rifle were the Czech Team wiped the whole prize table, all shot by Lapua factory loaded ammunition.