NEW! Lapua X-ACT Superior Rimfire Ammunition

“The best ammunition we’ve ever shot!”

Concluding years of diligent research and development, Lapua proudly introduces its’ new superior rimfire target ammunition – Lapua X-ACT!!

Lapua has enlisted top shooters from around the world to conduct extensive testing under extreme circumstances. These shooters include Sonja Pfeilschifter (GER), Peter Sidi (HUN), Juha Hirvi (FIN), and Cliff Keesee and Charlie Scott (USA). The feedback from these champions is unanimous, “The best ammunition we’ve ever shot!”

In comparing laboratory testing, X-ACT achieved the best results. The smallest groups ever have been shot with new X-ACT demonstrating Lapua’s Passion for Precision.

Taking advantage of Lapua’s experience with the legendary Midas ammunition – which has written precision history in many disciplines and is the basis for many world records – Lapua developed the new X-ACT.

Years of experience by top Lapua engineers combined with a commitment by Lapua production operators have made X-ACT possible. Lapua has obtained the best raw materials and assembled them in a high tech manufacturing environment. This superior match product is the quintessence of Lapua’s knowledge to manufacture reliable, precision ammunition.

Lapua has now X-ACT on top of a new product family, followed by Midas+ and Center-X, Polar Biathlon, also Pistol King and Pistol OSP.


Try X-ACT to see the remarkable results. All Lapua’s best in one cartridge – for winners only!!

Silhouette World Championships Heinola Finland

Most of the medals to Finnish shooters, New World Record shot with Lapua .22LR cartridge 


Participants from 12 countries enjoyed the well-organized event in Heinola, Finland. However, Finns proved to be most accurate in the competition, and took altogether 34 medals (19 gold, 10 silver and 5 bronze medals) out of 78 possible.

Jyrki Viitakoski (FIN) made an unbeatable New World Record in 40/40 SBPS (Small Bore Pistol Standing) with Lapua┬┤s .22LR cartridge.

Link to Silhouette WC results page

BR European Championship Games 14-19 July, 2008, Brattvall, Sweden

Approximately 100 top European BR shooters were in Brattvall in mid July and partcipated in well organized competition at Bratvall´s range.

The medals divided between the different participating countries, but a remarkable “team result” was made in Heavy Varmint 200 m were the Swedish shooters took all podium places… even the Finns knocked out the others in the aggregates.

All results are available in Swedish Benchrest pages

The Lapua European Cup 300 m in Elverum, Norway


The top 300 m shooters gathered together to compete for the superiority

Vebjörn Berg, NOR and Charlotte Jakobsen, DEN took the first positions in the prone competitions. Charlotte also showed “lady power” by winning the Super Final Prone!

The men´s free rifle 3 position ended for the victory of Vebjörn Berg again. He shot total 1185 which is the new range record of Elverum, and also the new Norwegian record. On the women´s side their Sport rifle 3×20 was a more even competition where the podium places went to Andrea Brühlman, SUI, Charlotte Jakobsen, DEN and May Elisabeth Nordahl, NOR. 

Andrea followed Charlotte´s way and beat all other shooters in the Super Final Standing but Vebjörn proved his shooting skills and drop one by one all others in the Super Final Kneeling.

More information on Elverum Rifleklubb page

2nd 300 meter Lapua Cup shot in Tolmezzo, Italy

The second Lapua Cup competition was shot in Tolmezzo Italy in really good conditions. By far the best shooter was Lubos Opelka from Czech Republic. He won both 3 position and Standard rifle competitions. In Prone competition he finished “only” second though he shot in the elimination a day earlier full 600. Prone competiton was really tight as the winner German Richard Dietzsch shot 600 in final and Lubos 599.

The next competition will be held in Elverum Norway in early July.

2008 NRA Smallbore and 2008 NRA High Power Rifle Silhouette Championships, Ridgway Rifle Club in Ridgway, PA, USA

In the 2008 NRA Smallbore and 2008 NRA High Power Rifle Silhouette Championships, aLapua Pro Team member, Agustin Sanchez won all four National Championships (Smallbore Standard Rifle, Smallbore Hunter Rifle, High Power Standard Rifle, and High Power Hunter Rifle) and he set the following new National records. In the High Power competition, he beat the competition by 10 points in Standard and by 17 in Hunting.

The last day he tied his own record in Standard rifle with 39X40, he missed the first ram after having hit 30 straight and the current record in Hunting rifle by 38X40 (he missed two turkeys).

Besides winning all four National Championships Agustin broke three National records, two in SB and one in HP.


Augustin Sanchez

Agustin Sanchez with his trophies

Mark Pharr, Tony Tello & Agustin Sanchez at Nationals

Mark Pharr, Tony Tello & Agustin Sanchez at Nationals

Tony & Agustin 2008 NRA Silhouette Championships

Tony & Agustin 2008 NRA Silhouette Championships

National Championships at Camp Perry, USA

Shawn McKenna, shooting Lapua bullets, Lapua brass, and VihtaVuori powders, won the 2008 National Trophy Individual Rifle Match Winner using the new Lapua .223 caliber, 77 Grain Scenar bullets at the 200, 300, and 600 yard competition. His results are:

Competitor(Comp Num) 

1. McKenna, Shawn (6023)* 

Hometown Fountain Valley, CA

NTI Standing 99 – 3

NTI Sitting 99 – 4

NTI Prone RF 99 – 2

NTI Prone SF 199 – 10

Aggregate 496 – 19

Shawn McKenna

F.I.S.S. Super Shoot in Ohio – Gold for Tony Boyer

Congratulations to Lapua Pro Team member Tony Boyer! At the F.I.S.S. Super Shoot at Kelblys in Ohio, Tony won the 100 yard Aggregate while his wife, Faye took 18th place. Tony was 18th in the 200 yard Aggregate and was the Champion in the Grand Aggregate! Faye Boyer was the H.V. Women’s Champion and the Michelle Sutton 2-Gun Champion at the Super Shoot.

Tony Boyer

Gold and silver with Lapua Rimfire ammo in State Championships

Cliff Keesee won 1st place in the Virginia State IR 50/50 Championship with 21 shooters Sporter Class June 7 at 50 yards using Leupold 6-X scope shooting Lapua Midas+ with score 249-11X.

He also won 2nd Place in the Virginia State IR 50/50 Championship with 18 shooters 10 ½ lb class on June 8 at 50 meters shooting Lapua X-Act, scoring 248-14-X, losing only by 1- X to the winner.

Lapua congratulates Cliff!

Successes by the ISSF World Cup in Rio and Beijing

Christian Reitz (GER), two times Junior European Champion from Granada and Junior World Champion, won with Lapua Midas his first World Cup in Rio / Brazil by the seniors with total result of 785,6 points. Christian is qualified for the shoot of the 25m Rapid Fire Pistol for the German Olympic Team.

Sonja Pfeilschifter (GER), European and World Champion, won with an excellent qualification result of 590 points with the new Lapua X-ACT ammunition the silver medal by the ISSF World Cup in Bejjing / China behind the strong Chinese shooter Li Du.