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Note: rogue Lapua websites

Lapua, being a premium quality ammunition brand that’s very sought-after, is at present unfortunately also targeted by sources trying to profit from our brand without any whatsoever agreement with us.

Thus, we are stating for the record: Lapua does not sell or ship ammunition or ammunition related products directly to end-users anywhere in the world. Lapua as a company does not own any kind of online store selling ammunition to consumers in any country. Lapua does not deliver directly to any online stores. All our product sales and distribution to consumers go through our worldwide distributors , who in turn handle their transactions typically with local dealers and authorized online stores.

At present, we are aware of e.g. online stores claiming such as lapuabrass-store to deliver our products without any agreement from us or our distributors. THIS IS A FAKE STORE. DO NOT BUY ANY PRODUCTS FROM THEM. If you are unsure, always check that your source is a registered, authorized dealer. Make sure that your dealer has their contact information readily available for you. Do not buy Lapua products from a vendor that claims to ship directly from us. These kind of web shops are scammers.

Any and all types of infringement on our brand and related copyrights will always lead to legal actions on our part.