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New World Record by Jack Neary

Team Lapua member Jack Neary established a new (confirmed) World Benchrest Shooting Federation world record on Saturday in the Heavy Varmint 200 yd. rifle class, with a 5-shot group measuring .110″ c-t-c. Huge congrats Jack, way to go! Here’s a recap in Jack’s own words: ⁣

“As a member of the US World Team participating at the World Benchrest Shooting Federation Championships held last week at the Rosebud Silhouette and Benchrest rifle range in Calgary, I selected a careful load of 29.9 grains of N133 powder held by Lapua.220 Russian cases to provide consistent performance and peak accuracy in the quartering head-winds at the Rosebud range.⁣
I patiently waited for the head wind to stabilize to start my first record group of the Light Varmint 200 us aggregate, when the flags aligned perfectly in a 11 o’clock condition, I started my group with 5 well aimed shots holding against the wind pick-up, as my last shot did not change the single bullet hole size group, I was rewarded in establishing a new Light Varmint class 200yd single-group World Record with a final confirmed group measuring .110” c-t-c.⁣

This record was only made possible through the use of the very best components ~ Lapua case components and Vihtavuori powder!”⁣

Jack used Lapua .220 Russian cases with 29.9 grains of N133 (2018 lot) in a 6 PPC chamber and 6MM Nader 67 grain BT Bullets made with J4 .825” jackets in his BAT Machine custom rifle outfitted with a Bartlein barrel and Bix n Andy trigger.