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New Open Tip bullets and factory-loaded cartridges by Lapua

New Open Tip bullets and factory-loaded cartridges by Lapua

For 2021, Lapua offers new Open Tip (OT) bullets and factory-loaded cartridges for target and hunting practice: Introducing the 8 mm OT bullet and 8×57 IS OT cartridge, and the 9.3mm OT bullet and 9.3×62 OT cartridge.

The 8×57 IS has earned a strong hunting reputation in recent years, but is now taking a step in the target shooting direction. Lapua Sales Manager, Erkki Seikkula, explains the thought process behind our new 8mm 7,8 g/ 120 grain OT bullet:

“We designed an easy and softly firing bullet that meets Lapua’s strict accuracy requirements. The precision of this bullet offers shooters the opportunity to practice with the same rifle that they hunt with. For avid hunters that enjoy target competitions, the performance of this projectile can really make a difference.”

A notable advantage of the bullet and the factory-loaded cartridge is that the bullet’s point of impact coincides with the Lapua Naturalis, making both products ideal for hunting practice.

The 9.3×62 has traditionally been used only with big game hunting in mind. Requirements have changed with time and today this rifle cartridge needs a bullet that offers a more diverse use of the caliber amongst hunters. Lapua has answered this demand and developed the world’s most accurate Open Tip bullet for this caliber, which extends its use to a diverse set of options from practice shooting to small predator hunting.

“The 9.3mm 12.0 g / 185 grain Open Tip bullet is available as a reloading bullet for home loaders, yet we also offer it as a factory-loaded cartridge for anyone for whom accuracy and performance matter when choosing a cartridge. Also here, the impact point of resembles that of the Naturalis bullet, making this the ultimate round for hunters training for big game hunts”, Seikkula says.

As with all Lapua products, ballistic data and trajectory information will be published on our website, with load data available by Vihtavuori Powders.

The new bullets and cartridges will be available in the beginning of 2021.

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