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NEW! Lapua X-ACT Superior Rimfire Ammunition

Concluding years of diligent research and development, Lapua proudly introduces its’ new superior rimfire target ammunition – Lapua X-ACT!!

Lapua has enlisted top shooters from around the world to conduct extensive testing under extreme circumstances. These shooters include Sonja Pfeilschifter (GER), Peter Sidi (HUN), Juha Hirvi (FIN), and Cliff Keesee and Charlie Scott (USA). The feedback from these champions is unanimous, “The best ammunition we’ve ever shot!”

In comparing laboratory testing, X-ACT achieved the best results. The smallest groups ever have been shot with new X-ACT demonstrating Lapua’s Passion for Precision.

Taking advantage of Lapua’s experience with the legendary Midas ammunition – which has written precision history in many disciplines and is the basis for many world records – Lapua developed the new X-ACT.

Years of experience by top Lapua engineers combined with a commitment by Lapua production operators have made X-ACT possible. Lapua has obtained the best raw materials and assembled them in a high tech manufacturing environment. This superior match product is the quintessence of Lapua’s knowledge to manufacture reliable, precision ammunition.

Lapua has now X-ACT on top of a new product family, followed by Midas+ and Center-X, Polar Biathlon, also Pistol King and Pistol OSP.


Try X-ACT to see the remarkable results. All Lapua’s best in one cartridge – for winners only!!