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New features in Lapua Ballistics

The Lapua Ballistics App has been updated! The update introduces a whole new account and sign-up routine. This new system allows for you to use and access your Lapua Ballistics profile from any device, and keeps your information saved in your profile even if you switch your mobile.

If you already use Lapua Ballistics on your mobile, the data you have in your current app will automatically transfer to the new profile you create as long as you create the profile on the device where you have the data.

Other new app features include:

  • Air Pressure is now Ground level air pressure
  • Sort option for Rifle/Cartridge profiles
  • Improved Zoom in/out for views
  • Improved / faster way for editing values
  • Use Tips can now be accessed via menu
  • New language option, Türkiye.
The new Login window. Here you can select your preferred language and add your profile info.
Lapua Ballistics tips can now be accessed directly from the app. The tips provide in-depth information about how to use all features to the max.
Accept terms and Opt-in or Opt-Out marketing consent
Zoom will now affect only to area that user decides to zoom in. This will remove the unattentional zoom effect.
In the example picture the lower (analysis) view has been zoomed in.
Users can now sort the list of Rifle/Cartridge profiles with either the profile name or with the Bullet name.
Lists can be sorted in Alphabetical or reverse Alphabetical order.

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