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New features in Lapua Ballistics app!

New app features available now

The Lapua Ballistics App has again been updated! The update includes one new language option, Polish. To choose language, go to Menu -> Set Units / Settings -> Language.

Other new app features include:

Click button to get weather info in Sight-In parameters
To Activate, go to Menu -> Manage rifle / Cartridge data -> Sight-In

Subsonic point is now visible in Trajectory table
The feature takes into account the impact of temperature on the speed of sound.

Adjustable Spin Drift
To Activate, go to Menu -> Manage rifle / Cartridge data -> Spin Drift

Spin drift ‘ON’: Spin drift is calculated according to design methods  in 6DOF.

Spin drift ‘OFF’: Spin drift calculation is disabled. Trajectory path (horizontal) is straight line.

Spin drift ‘Custom’: Spin drift multiplier can be set between 0 – 2. E.g multiplier 2.0 means 2 x normal spin drift calculated by 6DOF methods.

Custom value 0 equals to Spin Drift – Off; Custom value 1 equals to Spin Drift – On.  The calculation follows the design methods in 6DOF.

Lapua Ballistics Dark theme
All the views in the app are shown in dark mode. This feature improves the usability in dark and low light conditions.

Activation: Menu -> Set Units / Settings

Download the Lapua Ballistics app and get more info on the Lapua Ballistics page!