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New 300 Winchester Magnum factory-loaded cartridges by Lapua

New .300 Winchester Magnum cartridges for hunters and target shooters

For 2021, Lapua offers three new cartridges for .300 Winchester Magnum. The .300 Win Mag. is known for its extreme versatility and as such it’s a great cartridge option for hunters, target shooters, military and law enforcement departments alike. Lapua is happy to offer two new options for hunters and one for target shooters.

Hunting cartridges with significant stopping power

As the .300 Win Mag. is known for its accuracy, hunters have found the cartridge to be an effective all-around choice for various types of game and hunting conditions. Most firearms manufacturers chamber for this caliber and there are numerous rifle options to choose from. With the new .300 Win Mag. Lapua case we now also offer two new factory-loaded hunting cartridges:

  • .300 Win Mag. loaded with the 11,0 gram / 170 grain Naturalis bullet and
  • .300 Win Mag. loaded with the 12,0 gram / 185 grain SP MEGA bullet.

Both cartridges offer something for every hunter. A fan favorite for many years, the traditional MEGA is a lead core, mechanically bonded, soft point hunting projectile. The third generation Lapua Naturalis bullet with its special valve design offers a completely lead-free option with that perfect mushrooming effect. With muzzle velocities that enable extremely straight flight trajectories, these rounds are an obvious choice for long range hunting or for situations that demand significant stopping power.

Long range target accuracy with Lapua Scenar

For the demanding target shooters, long range enthusiasts and tactical units, Lapua offers the perfect cartridge option: the  .300 Win Mag. with the 12,0 g / 185 gr OTM Scenar bullet.
This round offers accuracy and power well beyond 1,000 meters/yards with the Scenar projectile staying supersonic. The unique design of the 185 grain Scenar (GB432) together with the short case neck and relatively short C.I.P cartridge specs create an undeniably powerful combination for long range target shooting. With a high quality powder and a muzzle velocity of 930 m/s or 3051 fps, this cartridge is destined to become the number one choice for any long range shooters demanding peak accuracy.

All three Lapua cartridges will be hitting the markets in the spring of 2021.

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