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Mullins wins NRA Smallbore Silhouette Championships with Lapua ammunition

John Mullins captured the 2019 National Silhouette Hunter Rifle Championship, using Lapua Midas+ rimfire ammunition exclusively.  Mullins tied for first place with fellow team member Dustin Flint, who also competed with Lapua ammunition, and edged out Flint in the shoot-off with a score of 107/120.

The 2019 NRA National Silhouette Smallbore Championships took place August 4-6th, in Ridgway, Pennsylvania. Matches consist of 3 x 120 round relays, all fired from the standing position. For each relay, shooters engage ten chickens at 40 meters, ten pigs at 60 meters, ten turkeys at 77 meters and ten rams at 100 meters.

When asked what was most critical to capturing the title, Mullins stated, “Lapua ammunition was the key factor in my success. I visited the Lapua Rimfire Test Center in Mesa, AZ and paired the most accurate ammunition with my rifle. Midas+ outperformed all others at 50 and 100 meters in their test tunnel and provided me the added confidence to win.” Congratulations, John!