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Metallic Silhouette European Championship 2015

”If you want to win, hire a Finn”

The world´s best metallic silhoutte rifle shooter Marko Nikko, FIN cleaned the table in Metallic Silhouette European Championship 2015 Games in Volmerange Les Mines, France.

Marko won Big Bore Rifle Hunter, Big Bore Rifle Aggregate, Small Bore Rifle Light, Small Bore Rifle Silhouette and Small Bore Rifle Aggregate by beating all other competitors clearly. Only one small mistake occurred in Big Bore Rifle Silhouette match where Marko finished with silver medal.  

All his success Marko achieved by using Lapua´s 6,5 mm GB458 9,0 g / 139 gr OTM Scenar bullets and Vihtavuori N560 powder in his 6,5×55 SE loads. In small bore matches Marko relied on Lapua .22 LR Midas+.

The long term co-operation between Team Finland and Lapua was also one of the key factors in the rest of the success of Team Finland.

Team FInland shooters – Rauno Ärväs, Esko Lempola, Petri Savinainen, Jorma Juntunen, Juha-Matti Saari and Unto Järvinen – came back home from France with 11 medals!

All results: