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Luke Johnson Wins NRA Smallbore Rifle Silhouette Championship

Congratulations to Lapua’s Rimfire Performance Center Manager, Luke Johnson, on winning the 2021 NRA Smallbore Rifle Silhouette Championship this week at the Ridgway Rifle Club in PA. Luke won the Hunter Rifle Class (110/120) while his Team Lapua teammate Cathy Winstead-Severin (110/120) captured the Standard Rifle Match. Luke’s combined total in both Hunter and Standard Rifle (217/240) propelled him to the 2021 overall Championship. Cathy followed closely (214/240) in 2nd overall with Laura Goetsch in 3rd (210/240).  Team SK’s Erich Mietenkorte (209/240) finished in 4th place.

Luke, Cathy, and Mark Pharr combined to propel Team Lapua into the NRA National Champion position in both Standard and Hunter Rifle. Team Berger’s Dustin Flint and John Mullins combined with Team SK’s Erich Mietenkorte to capture 2nd place in the Team competition in both rifle classes.

Team Berger’s John Mullins won high Senior with 203/240 edging out Team Lapua’s Mark Pharr at 200/240.

The 2021 NRA Smallbore Rifle Silhouette Championship took place in Ridgway, PA on Aug 7-9. It consisted of 3 x 80 round relays, all fired from the standing position. For each relay, shooters engage ten chickens at 40 meters, ten pigs at 60 meters, ten turkeys at 77 meters and ten rams at 100 meters.

Johnson’s Lapua Center-X .22LR ammunition is matched to his firearms at Lapua’s Rimfire Performance Center. Unique lots of ammunition are tested at 50 and 100 meters simultaneously, identifying the best performing ammunition for purchase. This service is available to all shooters who wish to gain a competitive advantage. Schedule your testing here at either of Lapua’s Rimfire Performance Centers located in Mesa, AZ or Marengo, OH.