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Lapua’s Chris Simmons Wins International Precision Rifle Federation’s PRS World Championships

Lapua is thrilled to congratulate Chris Simmons on winning the first-ever International Precision Rifle Federation Precision Rimfire World Championships. This highly anticipated match took place August 18 through September 3rd in Collazzone, Italy.

The International Precision Rifle Federation World Championships were held at the Piancardato Tiro A Volo range bringing together the top shooters from 23 nations. The three-day event had competitors tackle a challenging course of fire at different distances, shooting from both supported and unsupported obstacles, long-range shots, and moving targets all within tight time constraints.

Simmons, no stranger to the winner’s circle, was part of a two-year selection process to represent the United States at the inaugural event. Over the past nine months, Simmons took his training to another level, getting up before daylight to hit the range. He then spent every night until dark running 10-12 different positions in a 90-second timeframe, firing hundreds of rounds daily.

After surviving tricky wind conditions and bad wind calls, Simmons found himself in second place prior to going into the last two stages. Knowing what he’d overcome gave Simmons the motivation to clean the last two stages.

“Paul Dallin and I ended up tied and it came down to the fastest aggregate time of all the stages,” commented Simmons. “I won the World Championship by 23 seconds in 2023! Paul is a hell of a shooter and competitors and was tough to beat. Congratulations to him on his second-place finish!”

1. Chris Simmons, USA
2. Paul Dallin, USA
3. Payton Grimes, USA
4. Tyler Orth, USA
5. Radek Novak, Czech Republik

Simmons aggregate score was 165.00 points with a time of 1480.45, stage scores are as follows:

Stage A Bergara81.447.00
Stage B Bergara 283.3510.00
Stage C C&C Hunting80.7811.00
Stage D C&C Hunting 283.518.00
Stage E Contessa 177.8810.00
Stage F Contessa 288.928.00
Stage G F.I.D.C90.003.00
Stage H Brownells Italia82.6410.00
Stage I Armory Metelli82.768.00
Stage L Zero Compromise83.1312.00
Stage M Contessa 372.8310.00
Stage N Bergara 385.299.00
Stage O Schmidt Und Bender86.149.00
Stage P C&C Hunting 380.359.00
Stage R Ziarelli Gomme80.3510.00
Stage S Pe.Sa. Gomme73.6210.00
Stage T Domziani77.4612.00
Stage V Eos90.009.00

“It was an honor to be able to represent Team USA in the World Precision Rifle Championships in Italy. Thank you to Lapua for supporting both myself and the US team with quality ammunition,” stated Simmons.

Simmons’ Lapua Act-X .22LR ammunition was matched to his VuDoo rifle at Lapua’s Rimfire Performance Center. Unique lots of ammunition are tested at 50 and 100 meters simultaneously, identifying the best performing ammunition for purchase. This service is available to any shooter who wishes to gain a competitive advantage. Schedule your testing in the US at either of Lapua’s Rimfire Performance Centers located in Mesa, AZ, or Marengo, OH.