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Lapua’s Brian Brandt Wins Missouri State ARA Championship

Congratulations to Team Lapua’s Brian Brandt on winning the 2022 Missouri American Rimfire Association (ARA) State Championship in the Unlimited Class. Brandt scored a Grand Aggregate of 2300, with a high score of 2400 and 71 Xs.

The 2022 Missouri ARA State Championship was held at the Bench Rest Rifle Club of St. Louis in Wright City, MO on September 24th. The match featured 6 relays, where each competitor is allotted 20-minutes to shoot 25-targets with a .22LR cartridge. The six relays are averaged for the competitor’s Grand Aggregate. Score rings have a max value of 100 points, 50 points, 25 points, 10 points, and 0 points, for a possible 2500 perfect target. An “X” is scored for punching the center of the 100-point bullseye ring to dispute any tie scores.

 “The State Tournament was a great day of comradeship. Being confident in my choice of Lapua ammunition was the key component that allowed me to win the event,” stated Brandt.

The Missouri State Championship was the conclusion of the 2022 Missouri ARA outdoor season. Brandt shoots Lapua rimfire ammo exclusively and competes with Lapua’s Midas +.