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Lapua Team member Kevin Nevius reports success

Kevin´s own comments included!

Camp Perry Long Range HP National Championships, Camp Perry Ohio – August 14th thru August 17th, 2010

Kevin finished fourth overall using .308 Lapua Palma case, 155 Scenar bullets and Vihtavuori N140 powder.

“This was the very first year for the Bert Rollins Trophy – awarded to the high Palma rifle shooter thru the Championship aggregate. I have a really good Palma rifle, and the load development I did with the Scenar bullets, N140 and Lapua Palma brass went very well in the weeks prior to the competition. Based on this testing, I elected to go after this aggregate trophy.

We had the usual Camp Perry winds all week, but nothing really crazy. Velocities were high, but the build ups and let offs were gradual enough in most cases to allow you to read them and post good scores. The ammunition allowed me to post very consistent scores – so critical in aggregate races. I won the Bert Rollins Trophy by five points over the second place finisher – without winning a single match outright.”

Kevin Nevius

Kevin Nevius

Camp Perry Smallbore Prone National Championships, Camp Perry Ohio – July 18th thru July 22nd, 2010

“The weather was very warm this year, and each day was very difficult – wind speeds of 10-15mph were very common. Velocity changes would garner large shot displacement at the target. The 100 yard stages were murderous – of the 15 points I lost, only three were not at 100 yards.

In total, I placed fourth in the overall aggregate, made the 2010 Dewar postal team (picture attached), was second civilian overall, and second overall in the anysight aggregate.”

Kevin Nevius

Kevin Nevius

Metric Prone Smallbore National Championships, Bristol, Indiana – July 20th amd 21st, 2010

Inaugural Metric National Championships

“This was the very first year for this National Championship, held in Bristol, Indiana. Approx 50 of the best prone shooters in the country were in attendance. This range is partially protected by wooded areas on three sides, and is very well suited for the metric course of fire (1200 point aggregate each day, 40 shots at 50 meters, a metric Dewar match, and 40 shots at 100 yards on the metric target). Weather was mild both days around 90 degrees Fahrenheit, with winds in the 5-10mph range from behind the firing line fishtailing. Velocities were slightly greater the second day.

In all, I won the iron sight National Championship, team national Championship and am the 2010 Metric National Champion. I used X-ACT ammunition in a Walther based prone rifle built specifically for this ammunition.

I have done very well with Lapua ammunition this year – the long range performance (at 100 yards) of this ammunition is exceptional, and provides a substantial advantage. I won the National title because of the ground I gained at this distance. It is the best long range ammunition I have ever used.”

Kevin Nevius


Kevin Nevius