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Lapua success at the German Champs

As sport shooting is very popular in Germany, their National Championships is a massive event, showcasing the talented juniors, ladies and gentlemen shooters of the country. Naturally, Lapua sponsored a wide array of shooters at the event, and this year was no exception when it comes to Lapua success! We congratulate all our shooters for their great achievements.

Lapua team/sponsored shooters top results:


3×40 team champion (large picture)

3×40 Luc Dingerdissen champion (also team champion)

German champs 2018

3×40 Marcel Weber 5th (also team champion)

3×20 Luc Dingerdissen 2nd

German champs 2018

3×20 Marcel Weber 3rd

60 prone Luc Dingerdissen champion (also team champion)

German champs 2018


Rapid Fire Pistol Christian Reitz 3rd (Team champion)

German champs 2018

25 m pistol ladies Monika Karsch champion

60 prone ladies Jaqueline Orth 2nd

3-position ladies Lisa Müller 6th

3-position ladies team Silvia Rachl 1st, Lisa Müller 4th

Free rifle 120 HP Lisa Müller Champion


3-position para-shooting ladies

Natascha Hiltrop champion

German champs 2018

Elke Seeliger 2nd


60 prone para-shooting

Natascha Hiltrop champion


3×40 para-shooting men

Kevin Zimmerman 2nd