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Lapua Returns as Official Rimfire Ammo of the Precision Rifle Series

Lapua, celebrating 100-years of manufacturing the highest quality rimfire ammo, is pleased to announce our renewed support to the Precision Rifle Series (PRS) as the Official Rimfire Series Ammunition

Lapua crafts rimfire cartridges with the utmost care and precision for serious rimfire competitors.  Each .22 LR cartridge is checked individually, and all lots thoroughly tested on ballistic values as well as gas pressure and grouping. We continue to deliver rimfire ammunition with exceptional performance including our new Lapua Long-Range and Super Long-Range ammunition.

“We are thrilled to return as the official ammunition for the 2023 PRS Rimfire season,” commented Morgan Joy-Twenter, Director of Communications. “Last year was our first year supporting the PRS Rimfire and are happy to see the series grow and continue to introduce the competitive rimfire world to new shooters.”

The Precision Rifle Rimfire Series will host over 40 national level rimfire rifle competitions across the nation culminating at the 2023 PRS Rimfire Finale. The series features both regional and club-level series matches, with the primary focus being at the club level.  Competitions are made up of both one and two day matches with different fundamentals and stressors.

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