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Lapua European Cup 300 m season has been opened

The opening competition was held in Århus, Denmark on May 20-24, 2010 in good shooting condititions. Per Sandberg, SWE (photo)started the triumpf of Team Lapua by winning the 3×20 Standard Rifle match with the result of 583-20x. Noticable is also that the finnish Antti Puhakka was in a good shape in all matches he participated in. Antti improved his results and shooting match after the match and took a podium place in 3×40 Free Rifle competition.

The second Lapua European Cup started in Weimar, Germany on June 7, 2010. The first results did not surprise anybody because Team Lapua shooter Charlotte Jakobsen (photo) took all what was on the table. Charlotte dominated both 300 m 60 shots prone and 300 m 3 positions competitions in her own superior style.

The results of Lapua EC 1 300 m Århus

The results of Lapua EC 2 300 m Weimar

Per Sandberg, Charlotte jakobsen