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Lapua European Cup 25m Centerfire and Standard Pistol

Lapua European Cup 25m Center Fire and Standard Pistol, 10-12 October, Bordeaux

Almost 80% of the Centerfire pistol shooters were using Lapua .32S&W ammunition and 64% in the Standard Pistol.


Results in Centerfire pistol:

1. Paal Hembre, NOR    585-26x

2. Patrick Meyer, GER   582-20x

3. Steve Demierre, SUI  579-22x


Results in Standard Pistol:

1. Paal Hembre, NOR  569-19x

2. Joao Costa, POR  566-7x

3. Stephan Trippel, GER  565-14x


Congratulations to the medal shooters and thanks for the organizers.