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Lapua European Cup 25 m in Hanover 12 – 14 May

Picture above: Medalists in the 25m standard pistol event, from left: Franck Kiefer, Clementine David, Michael Schleuter.

The lapua European Cup 25 meter for pistol took place in sunny Hannover in Germany on 12 – 14 May. A total of 45 centerfire and standard pistol shooters from 9 nations gathered to take part in the event. Lapua thanks all participants for a great competition! 


(Complete results here as pdf)

25m Centerfire pistol

1. Yann Fridrici (FRA) 576-15x

2. Michael Schleuter (GER) 575-17x

3. Franck Kiefer (FRA) 574-20x

4. Håkan Landebring (SWE) 573-19x

5. Jan newslsson (DEN) 573-17x

6. Jorge Llames (ESP) 572-19x

Yann Fridrici

Yann Fridrici (FRA)

25m Standard pistol

1. Clementine David (FRA) 567-19x

2. Franck Kiefer 567-9x

3. Michael Schleuter (GER) 559-10x

4. Pierre Michel (GER) 558-9x

5. Jorge Llames (ESP) 556-11x

6. Håkan Landebring (SWE) 556-8x

Yann Fridrici Lapua EC 25m CF winner

Yann Fridrici Lapua EC 25m CF winner