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Lapua Cup 300 M Finals 2021

The Lapua 300 meter European Cup Final 2021 is in the books! The final event took place in Winterthur, Switzerland last week. Despite travel restrictions, shooters from 13 countries were able to participate in the matches.

At the beginning of the event, the highly respected shooting judge August “Guschti” Wyss received the Gold Medal of the ISSF for his tireless efforts for the European shooting world. His international career started 2007 in Winterthur with a Lapua European Cup and now as he is retiring, he will finish his career in the same place and at the same event. We wish Guschti happy retirement!

The podium results of the 300 meter Lapua European Cup final were as follows:

300 m Standard Rifle Open (pictured)
1. Tomasz Bartnik (POL)
2. Karl Olsson (SWE)
3. Steffen Olsen (DEN)

300 m 3-position men (pictured)
1. Tomasz Bartnik (POL)
2. Gernot Rumpler (AUT)
3. Bernhard Pickler (AUT)

300 m 3-position women (pictured)
1. Elin Ahlin (SWE)
2. Karolina Kowalczyk (POL)
3. Jenny Tovseth Vatne (NOR)

300 m rifle prone men
1. Bernhard Pickler (AUT)
2. Robert Markoja (SLO)
3. Gernot Rumpler (AUT)

300 m rifle prone women
1. Anja Senti (SUI)
2. Elin Ahlin (SWE)
3. Muriel Zuger (SUI)

300m European Cup Super Final
1. Karolina Kowalczyk (POL)
2. Karl Olsson (SWE)
3. Gernot Rumpler (AUT)

Congratulations to all athletes on their success, and we hope to see you all next year again! For full Lapua European Cup results, see