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Lapua Ballistics update: organize lower views, add wind speed, Max range and Cant angle calculation plus new languages!

New features and languages

The Lapua Ballistics App has been updated! The update includes three new language options, French, Spanish and Afrikaans! To set your language of choice in the Ballistics app, go to Menu -> Set Units / Settings -> Language.

Other new Lapua Ballistics app features include:

Cant angle calculation

To set the feature (available for Lapua cartridges and bullets) go to Menu -> Calculate Cant Angle. The barrel acts as an axis point for the cant angle calculation.

Max Range analysis

This feature (available for Lapua cartridges and bullets) shows the maximum range of a projectile for a shooting range defined by the user, and the calculation is based on the current given angle and click values. With this feature you can check the maximum range of a shot in case it would miss the target. To calculate Max range of a bullet with optimal angle: in calculator mode, go to the bottom panel and swipe to the last analysis view and press Calculate.

Add wind speed from the nearest weather station

Add wind speed by pressing the red wind icon. The indicator icon (below the wind speed parameter) shows whether the value has been updated from a weather service or fed manually. Remember to set the wind direction yourself.

Organize your analysis views

You can now freely organize the order of analysis views found in lower part of the calculator view. Also the analysis views can now be swiped as a continuing carousel for faster access of frequently needed views. To organize lower views, go to Menu -> Set Units / Settings -> Order of Analysis Views.