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Lapua Athlete of the week: Steffen Olsen of Denmark

Steffen Olsen from Denmark is a tough contender in the 50 and 300 meter rifle competitions. Here is his story!

“I’ve been shooting since I was 5 years old, as all my closest family were shooters when I was a child. I’m educated as a lawyer, but I’m also a reservist in the army. Other than shooting, my hobbies are parachuting and taking care of my family. With a lot of training on the range (1000 pcs, 15-20 hours/week in season) I don’t have time for many other things.

My favourite disciplines are the match disciplines. 3×20 & 3×40 on both 50 and 300 meters. Regarding favourite Lapua ammo, I really like the 6mm BR and the accuracy I get from that calibre.

I’m pretty good at handling my competition nerves. I try to keep focus regardless of how the competition is going. Focus on the technical aspects usually works for me. When technique is good it’s easier to have confidence. I also do mental training with audio a few times a week. This season, my biggest challenge has been a physical one – I’ve had an injury in my right knee, so it has been a challenge during the past few months, particularly in the kneeling position.

My favourite competition memory is when we won the gold medal in Rio at the World Games in 2011 in the team event with the Danish Military Shooting Team. My future goals include getting a medal at the European Cup final in 2017 or 2018, and hopefully a place in the final at the World Championships in 2018.”