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Landsskytterstevnet 2013 – Oppdal – Norway

More than 4 000 rifle shooters were gathered together for the Norwegian National Championships.

…and Lapua´s new 6,5 mm Scenar-L took right away the place where it belongs!

Team Lapua shooter Kim-Andre Lund was nominated as the new Shooting King. Kim-Andre showed his great talent and the performance of new Scenar-L: All 10 shots in the final were in Center-X!!! Unbelievable!

The other royal shooters – the prince Rune Olsen and the princess Mona Isene also used the new 6,5 mm GB547 7,8 g / 120 gr OTM ScenarL bullet in the matches which ended for the great victories on Thursday in Oppdal.

And believe it or not but this was not all –  the world´s best senior shooter Mr Odd Kolsrud became the double champion by winning both field and range on the class of V73. (—v73/)

He did not miss a single shot out of the10 shots and made the same funny trick in the final as Kim-Andre did – 10 shots and all of them in center-X!!!

In the match of field shooting he took the championship second year in the row by hitting the maximum points.