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Congratulations to Team Lapua’s Jack Neary on winning the Sporter Rifle Grand Aggregate at the 2021 National Benchrest Shooters Association (NBRSA) Nationals. Jack fired the winning aggregate of .2174” using a 6mm PPC cartridge loaded with Lapua cases and Vihtavuori N133 powder. Neary uses both Lapua cases and Vihtavuori powders exclusively.

The Sporter Rifle Grand Aggregate consists of (5) five-shot groups at 100 yards, and (5) five-shot targets at 200 yards. Firearms are restricted to 10.5 pounds or less, and chambered in 6mm or smaller.

Congratulations to Rob Seeman and Don Rosette who finished a close 2nd and 3rd with .2222” and .2232” aggregates respectively. Seeman and Rosette also used Lapua cases and Vihtavuori powder for their Sporter Rifle top finishes.

“The NBRSA Nationals attract the best shooters from across the country, and I’m honored and humbled with the win. Lapua’s unmatched quality and longevity continue to give me a competitive advantage. Whether in practice or on the firing line during competition, Lapua’s cases provide the confidence knowing that I never have to worry about lost shots due to Lapua’s superior case quality,” Jack said.

The 2021 NBRSA Nationals was hosted by the Holton Gun Club in Holton, MI, September 20-25th. For more information about the NBRSA, visit