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Interview with Lapua sponsored shooter Teemu Rintala (FIN)

At only 35 years old, IPSC shooter Teemu Rintala has already achieved a whole lot within IPSC disciplines. This arborist from Järvenpää, Finland, has quickly become one of the top IPSC shooters in the world. Here’s his story.

“I began shooting when I got my hunting license in 2007. First it was just practicing for hunting, with a shotgun and a .22lr rifle. But after a couple of years, I found myself training semi-seriously in IPSC pistol.

In 2010, I started to practice IPSC rifle, and year later IPSC shotgun. At the same time I also started practicing SRA (Finnish reservists 3-gun). My main discipline today is IPSC Rifle in open division but I also shoot IPSC Shotgun, IPSC Mini Rifle and SRA. I’m using mostly reloaded ammo. 51gr CEHP and 69gr Scenar-L bullets, Vihtavuori powders and Lapua Match brass.

With MiniRifle (22LR) I’m using SK Rifle Match for training and Lapua Midas + for competition.

This year was a good competition year for me: I won the Nordic Championship in IPSC rifle and I also won the WCRO-JP challenge, which is the biggest rifle match in Europe this year. I try to constantly develop my shooting skills, and I want to continuously improve. My main goal for next year is Rifle World Shoot in Russia. And to be the best in the world!

When I’m not practicing my shooting skills, I like to drive old motorcycles, and I enjoy fixing them up. I have a Triumph Tiger 650 -71, and a K-750 -64, sidecar. Wish I had more time for those.

The biggest challenge in IPSC Rifle is that there are so many different things to learn. It’s not enough that you are fast, or you are accurate. You have to be both at the same time, and there is the beauty of the practical shooting.”

We wish Teemu all the best and good luck for next season!

Pictures courtesy of Erik Bjälkvall
Teemu Rintala Lapua 2016 1

Teemu Rintala Lapua 2016 2

Teemu Rintala Lapua 2016 3