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Cowboy Lever Action Rifle Silhouette National Championships, Raton, NM

Lapua Team shooter Tony Tello and excellent results

Combined was also the NM and CO State Championships. Around 140 shooters participated in the Nationals and about 36 participated in the state championships.

At the Nationals Tony won Match I in the smallbore championships with a 38X40 – which was the highest score fired – and won third place open in the aggregate with 71X80 behind the Match winner by one point using Lapua Midas L and Scoremax for rams.

At the combined NM and CO matches Tony won three individual championships out of six and both states three rifle aggregates. 

At the NM. and CO. Tony won the CLA which is the HP or long range match where Tony used VV N140 rifle powder for his 30-30 Win loads and shot 55X60 and 38X40 to win both matches. He also won the CO. PCLA which is the Pistol Cartridge match.