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Lock Base


Lapua Lock Base bullet

Lapua’s Lock Base bullet is a Lapua innovation which combines a full metal jacket and boat tail with a patented base design. This rifle bullet is suitable for mid-range and long range shooting and it has proven its worth in sport shooting arenas as well as military and law enforcement applications over time.

Bullet data

Caliber Prod. no. Bullet diameter Product code Weight Type Bullet name Ballistic coefficient BC G1 Ballistic coefficient BC G7
mm in g grs
.30 4 PL/HL 7091 7.83 .308 B466 9.7 150 FMJBT Lock Base 0.434 0.217
4 PL/HL 7086 7.83 .308 B476 11.0 170 FMJBT Lock Base 0.498 0.249
.338 4 PL/HL 8012 8.60 .338 B408 16.2 250 FMJBT Lock Base 0.625 0.310