Passion for Precision



Lapua’s D46 bullet – Often copied, never equaled

The legendary D46 is a full metal jacket boat tail bullet (FMJBT), perfect for mid-range and long range shooting and one by which all other rifle bullets of its type are measured. Manufactured to the strictest tolerances for concentricity, uniformity of shape and weight, the .30 caliber D46 bullet has shot its way to the record books since the 1930’s all the way to the 21st century.

Bullet data

Caliber Prod. no. Bullet diameter Product code Weight Type Bullet name Ballistic coefficient BC G1 Ballistic coefficient BC G7
mm in g grs
.30 4 PL/HL 7019 7.83 .308 D46 12.0 185 FMJBT D46 0.506 0.254